Don't Lose Custody of Your Children

Don't Lose Custody of Your Children

Hire a child custody attorney in Flint, MI

Child custody is one of the most complicated matters that needs to be settled during the divorce process. Negotiations can get emotional quickly and escalate beyond control. A child custody attorney can resolve custody problems peacefully. Turn to the Law Office Of William D. Smith for representation in custody negotiations.

Help yourself and your child move forward after your divorce. Call 810-265-7067 now to schedule a consultation with a child custody attorney in Flint, MI.

Protect your parental rights

Whoever has sole custody of your child can make important decisions about their life. Without custody, you could lose your right to...

  • Make decisions about your child's health care
  • Stay involved in your child's education
  • Determine if and when you see your child
Don't let your divorce ruin your relationship with your child. Get help from a child custody attorney. We can even handle cases involving grandparent rights. We'll make sure your voice is heard in the courtroom.