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Do you want your spouse to help pay for your child's medical care or education? Do you think you're paying unreasonable child support amounts? If so, turn to a child support attorney so you and your spouse can negotiate fair terms. The Law Office Of William D. Smith is on your side. We're a Flint, MI-based family law firm serving clients in all of Genesee County.

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How can a child support attorney help you?

How can a child support attorney help you?

Like many parents in the Flint, MI area, you want to ensure that your child receives the best care. Your attorney can help you by determining fair child support payments based on your child's...

  • Health care needs, including prescription medication expenses
  • Child care needs, including day care expenses
  • Basic needs, including food and clothes

No two family law cases are alike, so it's crucial to speak with a child support attorney about your circumstances and priorities. The Law Office Of William D. Smith will work with you to find a solution. Call 810-265-7067 today to make an appointment.